nick calligeros


A running list of people and pages that I’m vibing- mostly asymmetrical friendships… - Created this and all round top kid -architecture and design prodigy + top kid -Sydney twist on Strut/New Orleans - ma reggae/groove brothers - Informative blog on general brass mechanics/embouchures -friend and amazing young artist -my daily feed of culture and left of field news -my favourite channel on my favourite online audio-visual outlet. A great collection of FREE Australian Jazz videos. super rare! - Bad Plus Pianist Ethan Iverson insightful blog to all things music - If you are ever in need of new, new music, check this out. Large global cross section of music. Some Aussie artists featured too. 
Denver based trumpeter and educator Bob Gilis' space. A blog that has aided my trumpet mechanics through it lowest points. A great resource that deals with the perilous nature of the trumpet and the best resource on the Roy Stevens/Costello method I've found Incredible sounds. Incredible experiences and perspectives. Open your ears and your mind to this stuff.  NYC based trombonist who I was lucky enough to hang out with at one point. Changed everything for me. Worth exploring him, his site (so much going on) and his ideas - Interview catologue run by one of the best jazz clubs in NYC. Endless list of great names