Selected Art #2- Collage Series: Creatures

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I positively relish collaging- it’s accessibility, tangibility and the nostalgic evocation of primary school arts n’ craft sessions make it one of my favourite ways to output some creative juices.  I’ll forever be indebted to my best bud Geena Chueng for convening a reunion between me and the cutting and pasting medium.

This aforementioned ‘accessibility’ seems to comes from collaging’s focus on composition and arrangement. Technical prowess is not necessarily a prerequisite to yield satisfying works in the world of collaging. Furthermore, there’s something viscerally pleasing from focusing on- and achieving a sense of balance and flow in a collage composition, I find.

You should get into it. Reverse Garbage in the Marrickville Community Centre has an entire room of old magazines and books; a bag full of them is $5. Get onboard.


My initial collages were pretty chaotic and overstated. It took me a while to be able to wield the subtler concepts of space and abstraction. Once I begun pumping out some shit I liked I brought my work to the people- curating a bathroom series (….of my own collages…) above our toilet. Pretty sure it was a hit.

After a couple more I decided it’d be nice to cut and paste within some more predetermined constraints. After Geena showed me some incredible collaged monsters I decided to create some abstract creatures framed by backgrounds that expressed what their nature might- expressed in both explicit and subtle ways. I’m not sure how successful I was in terms of that brief but I generally dig the results.

For me, this lil series has been an informative study in better understanding visual composition and palette as well as working within a concept and constraints. Foremost, though, collaging as a whole has been another avenue to tap into the creative energy, allowing it to flow unabated by ego, expectation and the rest- something  I rode home about that in my previous art post which you can read by clicking this.  I’m still working on dissolving all the expectation and ego from my trumpet playing. It’s hard ridding yourself of years of baggage/attachment etc, as I’m sure many of you know. But the visual arts are an outlet where I can create uninhibited by sense of ‘I’ or identity. Yah.

Let me know if ya wanna have a collage session soon. Im keen.



Creature 1








Creature 2







Creature 3







Creature 4







Creature 5

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