Composition: Everything is Everything III.5 (As played by Microfiche)

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Microfiche played a great gig at Johnson St Jazz last Thursday, sharing the bill with our mentors Phil Slater, Simon Barker and Matt McMahon, who dusted off the banner of Band of Five Names. Was a special night.

Sydney’s own angel Peter Nelson captured the night in high fidelity but as it takes a minute to get that from audio interface to ears, and we live in a world of instant gratification, I have a Zoom recording of my newest composition Everything is Everything III.5 that I’ve cut out + glued here.

This recording features the final moments of a Novakian solo piano improvisation. We’ve only played this tune three or four times, and each rendition has sounded quite varied. This may be my favourite interpretation so far though.

In terms of composition, beside some specific harmonic content, the chart has quite general directions. Holly, Max, Novak, Pip and Sam are all such strong, unique improvisers, my aim when writing for this band is to provide directions/material to convey my compositional vision but also allow each member to interpret the material their own way.

Right now I’m in phase of numerically cataloguing my acoustic compositions as “Everything is Everything X”. Why? Well, this was a phrase I first heard from the mouth of Ben Gerstein when we hung out in NYC (and has since heard/read many times). It’s depth and flexible interpretation struck me, and has since stuck with me. Also, a number of those interpretations have seemed to reflect the intent behind my music and music making and so having this phrase accompany my compositions seems a nice way to be frequently reminded of my musical intent.


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