Freyja Garbett’s ‘Bulga’

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Here is freshly cut tune by Freyja Garbett that I contributed some toots to.

Freyja is a good friend and fellow Black Bird Hum bandmate. Funnily though, my encounter with Freyja was during my US jaunt in 16′ off the back of the Syd Con Jazz Orchestra tour. Novak and I were working our way from NYC back up the East Coast and he had organised for us to stay with a friend of his in Boston by the name of Freyja: a South Coast export living and studying in Boston.

Freyja was a great host but I can’t say I remember that time with particular fondness… That leg of the trip I was running on <10% battery due to some feked up flu and spent the better part of my time in Boston trying not turn to dust on Novak and my shared futon. Oh boy that was not fun. But thank you Frey for housing a sick stranger. Anyway, now I am charged back up to 100% and we are friends. Happy endings all over the place.

Freyja was recently awarded a grant to write and record a tune for the Women’s Sydney Jazz Collective. They performed it as part of the Sydney Women’s Jazz Festival, I believe. She kindly asked if I wanted to play on it’s recording. The band features a bunch of local legends including her brother Nick Garbett on trumpah 1. It also features my oft partner-in-crime Nish Manjunath on tenor and improvised solo. Recorded at non other than Richie B’s Free Energy Device, with a bit of his signature magic sprinkled on for good measure.

It’s a beautiful tune that glides through a multitude of sections and textures making it a breezy 12 mins. I should also add, this tune has been dedicated to Freyja’s dear friend Lachlan Scipione, who earlier this year passed away in a car crash.

Enjoy x

EDIT: Since posting this a friend of Freyja’s has made an accompanying video featuring a lot of content from around the Coal Coast. Check it out!

Bulga. from James Kates on Vimeo.

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