Kenny Dorham on Lotus Blossom

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I always wanted this to me by first blog post and I guess my dream has finally come to fruition. Kenny on Lotus Blossom, ah, my first full transcription. Kenny was so lyrical and had an arsenal of colours he could deploy at will. Even at a burner of a tempo such as this. Story goes Dorham was quite the piano player and that really gave him an harmonic edge over his brass companions.

Quiet Kenny is most definitely Dorham’s seminal record, and a downright quintessential listen for any trumpet player. For your viewing convenience, I posted the album in full above.

P.S I guess as this is my freshmen post I would like to clarify that all my transcriptions are perpetual drafts and are by no means free of errors. I welcome feedback to rectify errors, but equally make clear that these transcription have be notated for the sake of analysis, not publishing. With that in mind, enjoy!

Download the PDF: Kenny Dorhams Solo on Lotus Blossom NEW

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