Little Clouds Live Stream feat. Nick Calligeros

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of joined Little Clouds, the singer-songwriter duo project of friends Emily-Rose Sarkova and Nick Henderson, in one of their livestreams, which has since been digitally immortalised on youtube and embedded below for your subsequent enjoyment. 
Em and Nick are both inspiring musicians who not only play in a host of eclectic projects but seem to be constantly producing new and varied music themselves. Never a pair to sit and wait, Em and Nick began running weekly live streams during COVID-lockdown from the ground-level-of-their-house-cum-studio under the banner of Peppermint Grove Studios. It's been nothing short of inspiring to see them present a seemingly endless variety of music from original folk tunes to jazz standards to Nick's electronic set to Em doing a live-stream of memorised Debussy piano solos (!!) as well as more recently inviting guests to join and friends to contribute a set of music.

This particular week I so happened to be the guest featuring with their singer-songwriter duo Little Clouds. Man, what soft, beautiful songs! It was healing to sit next to them and hear these tunes in such close proximity. Two particular highlights from the stream were 'Bees Are My Furry Friends' at 16:45 and an open improvisation at 33:55. 

I should add- playing over folk tunes is some of my favourite things to do. Singer-songwriters of all colours were the primary soundtrack to my early teenager years and maybe because I've never felt particularly comfortable singing, pouring ma little heart out through the trumpet on some strummed diatonic chords is the next best thing. 

You should check out their other livestreams on Emily-Rose's youtube channel here and then consider becoming a patreon member here to support and be the first to know of all of Emily's great music. 

ALSO their space Peppermint Grove Studio is open to hire and record at. Nick has been upping his engineering chops the last couple of years, having recorded pretty much all the music of their various projects (and including mixing and mastering my solo record!) as well as the two of them collecting studio gear. The house also happens to be situated right on the edge of Heathcote National Park in Southern Sydney with beautiful aspect across the park. It's a stunnah. You can find out more about it at Em's website

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