Microfiche Releases New Record ‘Everything and Other Infinities’!

By February 10, 2021 No Comments

I’m very glad to announce the release of Microfiche’s second studio album ‘Everything and Other Infinities’, out on Portuguese label Creative Sources Rec.

You can find the album on every musician’s favourite music platform Bandcamp below:

The music has been beautifully recorded at none other than Richie Belkner’s Free Energy Device Studios, Sydney in October 2019 soon after returning from our European tour, where this set of music was workshopped. It’s been a long journey getting this out into the world with COVID (although it always is) but glad you all can now get your ears and eyes on it.

You’ll find my compositional contribution for this album ‘Everything is Everything 3.5’ ending the album but your attention should be on Holly’s opening ‘What is Strong is Also Soft’ which is personally my favourite track on the album.

The beautiful cover is by Pat Harris.

If you want to read nice things about the music, check out this very sweet review of the album on The Music Trust’s Loudmouth, where Joe Cummins described the album as:

“The nine tracks present a sustained exploration of texture and space…this is type of sound you can luxuriate in, and there are many such instances across the album…this is music filled with light’.

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