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Sometimes it bugs me that so much great music reaches such small audiences when it deserves to be appreciated by the masses. There is no better example of this than Australian jazz and improvised music. Although some say that its reach [or lack of] contributes to the Australian improvised sound-whatever that is, I can’t help but wish more people knew about all this great music. I guess The Necks are the prime [of few] example[s] of an Aussie band that broke through the mould of localism, reaching international jazz success in the 90’s. But many of Loyd, Tony and Chris’ peers, whose music is at an equally exceptional level, are unknown to those outside of this beautiful city and scene. I guess some guys like it that way; in a weird, selfish way I sort of do too. It’s nice being submerged in this niche, underground collective.

But still, as a listener and fan, I feel compelled to make some of my favourite Australian improvised music more accessible to those outside ‘the circle’, which is why I’ve begun to chuck up some audio tracks on the ‘toob. Of course, all the tracks I’m uploading have gotten the ok by the artist.

Here are two Aussie tracks I’ve chucked up recently:

Firstly, Phil Slater’s ‘Tedium’ from his 2006 album ‘The Thousands’. My favourite description of this album is by Jimbo Loughan from his ‘Selecta’ on the Jazzgroove website [a little segment where guys select their top 10 records].

“Fllluuppph. That’s the sound of my brain inverting when I heard this band live for the first time. Luckily it was during a loud bit, or it might’ve disturbed some of the patrons. If I wasn’t trying to show a spread of influences, Band of Five Names, Showa 44, Strobe Coma Virgo and Daorum would be here too. These musicians would be superstars anywhere. We’re lucky they’re still here.”

-James Loughan.

That pretty much sums it up. [check out his other picks here,]


The second video is ‘NDT’ by Adrian Lim-Klumpes. This one was commissioned by the Netherlands Dance Theatre [NDT, get it?] back in 2010. It’s pretty much 25 mins of crazy overtones. I remember he played an abridged version of this at a school concert around the same time as NDT and even in a crappy school hall with its sub-par acoustics in front a group of people who wouldn’t know Kenny G from Kenny Garrett the entire audience was blown away. Mum still talks about it to this day.

For good measure I’m going to throw in the link to my youtube channel. I’m not into bombarding people with new music but nearly everything I would ever recommend have been saved in my favourites folders. If you’re ever bored or am in search for new music, check it out!

I’m hoping to put up some more songs in the not too distant future, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

P.S If you are vibing the above videos, share them round!

Happy Listening.

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