Prelude to Muller’s ‘Beethoven’ – Solo Trumpet Excerpt

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This morning I went on a bit of a listening odyssey that lead me to my third year recital. I was curious how this particular solo trumpet moment- an intro I sketched as prelude to James Muller’s beautiful piece ‘Beethoven’, had aged. I guess I was left pleasantly surprised.

Around that time, in late 2014 I think, I was very self conscious about my playing. I definitely had some heavy technical deficiencies, namely endurance and control in the upper register. It’s funny because I remember this whole recital feeling like painstakingly hard work on the chops- even this section- although listening back now that doesn’t necessarily carry in this excerpt.

Also, a little disclaimer that much in playing has changed since then; for the better hopefully, but maybe for the worse so not sure I fee comfortable using as an accurate representation of my playing now.

The faded edges of this features Harry Day- drums; David Allen – Piano and Nick Henderson- Bass. Great band. Great mates.

Long post coming soon x



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