Three New Albums

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Howdy. Here are three newly released albums featuring me in different capacities.


First one is the sophomore release of Sydney jazz-funk workhorses ‘Funk Engine‘ – Taking a Ride. Led by bad-ass bassist Siebe, I was thrilled to be asked to come on board for a couple of tunes, joining some great mates in regular members Nish, Holly and Felix. Masterfully recorded at Free Energy Device and produced by Sydney-scene elder and legend Llew Kiek. Check out Taking A Ride here.


The second is a Microfiche freebie. Sam Gill collected some live stems from the incredible time-giving Peter Nelson and mixed them into an unmastered live album. Some miniatures and some larger explorations to check out. Hear some of what we do in the flesh. Download Innumerable for free here:


The third album is Okay. The grand vision of Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra Coordinator Dave Theak- who now is very deservingly faculty head- directing the Sydney Conservatorium Orchestra in collaboration with featured artist James Muller, playing arrangements of Muller’s music by German Composer Florian Ross- basically everything that Theak loves in one big ball of music.

No featured blows by me by strong stories told by my outlandishly talented and tasty friends including Sam Gill, the Avgenicos brothers and Evan Harris.

I must confess, the big band format most often fails to produce music I would listen to in my own time. In saying that, the combination of Florian Ross’s very tasteful touch on Muller’s already sweet tunes (as well as his two original contributions) created these arrangements that I’ll happily admit were full of humanity, sensitivity and beauty- feelings and spheres that I value in music and which the big band format seems to too often miss altogether. Even after playing the music for 10 months, the first moments of the sax solo and subsequent ensemble soli on Chick Corea (track 6) still moved me to very last time I played it. Purchase physical or digital copies here

I should add the album was recorded at System Two Studio in Brooklyn, at the end of the short-stint U.S. tour the band did which preceded by North American jaunt during the northern winter of 15/16. Systems Two is one of the world’s premier improvised music focused studios and as such the album has such clarity and depth it’s like you could see the bottom of the ocean from the surface. Thanks so much to Theak and the Sydney Con for giving us that opportunity. Forever grateful. In fact, Theak has been working tirelessly to pump some life back into the Sydney Jazz scene. Just last week he pulled off the inaugural Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra, which raked in international jazz stars like Jim Black (sahhh gooood), Tigran Hamasyan and Greg Osby (all off the back of Melbourne International Jazz Festival). I have full faith the festival can grow to fill a dire gap in being part of the June Jazz Circuit for internationals.

I should add, this is album is also the first release on another of Dave’s new ventures, this one being a new label- 54 records. I’ve been told the label hopes to release a mix of contemporary and straight ahead jazz, as well as some choice re-releases. There are already half a dozen albums available including very good friends Hieronymus Trio featuring Gian Slater.

Long live music.