Watch: Three New Videos of Microfiche Playing R1 Reaktorhallen, Stockholm

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Here are three new performance excerpts from Microfiche’s European Tour in 2019. All three excerpts are from our performance in Stockholm, in the R1 decommissioned nuclear reactor I’m sure I’ve told you about (cos it was sick) .

‘Fragments’ is a fleshed out miniature by Sam Gill and ‘Improvisation’ is indeed just that, while ‘C to Sea’ is a piece I wrote back in 2015, which I actually just posted a bit about on instagram. Here is what I wrote:

“I wrote this tune in 2015 for Microfiche when the band was still a student ensemble at the Con. At the time we were checking out some of the ways Feldman and Cage organised music. The concept for this piece was pretty simple: I gave everyone a bar from the first measure of Feldman’s ‘Coptic Lights’ and like the original, asked the ensemble to repeat their bar over and over, in some vague order (eventually the starting pitches became any atonal cell of choice) I then asked everyone to imperceptibly build in volume as well as slowly shift pitches, so after 10 mins we eventually were all playing a loud cell in Db pentatonic. I also wanted the drums to build to this ritualistic, fluid/water-like feel I had heard during a @sho_ta_matsu_mura concert prac. I called the piece ‘C to Sea’. I had no idea when writing this piece how exalting it would be to play. There’s always this moment when my aural perception seem to shift and I suddenly become aware we have indeed left this mysterious and unsettling texture and are in fact locked in to ensuing pentatonic bliss. From there it’s always a hoon- as highlighted above. This particular performance is from Microfiche’s European tour last year (played inside Stockholm’s R1 decommissioned nuclear reactor no less!) a moment in time that emanated such high levels of bliss it seems to stand in complete antithesis to the times of today. But extrapolating the data, the bliss will indeed return. Frivolities will be under way again soon enough. In the meantime, stay healthy in mind and body friends and relish the things that make you feel good and whole. I’ll be coming back to this video a couple of times I rkn (and keep your distance pls) // the full excerpt can be found on YouTube and slice of the original score can be found to your right x

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