Free At Last

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I’d like to share a little project done between my best mate/design prodigy Callum Andrews and I. A while back I showed him my HSC composition and he came back a few weeks later with this little¬†minimalist video, stuck them together and bam! Hopefully more collabs to come!

I remember being into a lot of sound music and free form stuff at the time of writing. The voice sample at the start is Martin Luther King. I believe it’s from the ‘I Have A Dream’ speech and I played around with audacity and did reversed sound samples and played the trumpet through an echo, which all seems pretty primitive looking bac but was a load of fun to be experimenting with at the time.

I apologise for its abruptness; as all HSC music students know, part of the marking criteria was that all compositions were to be no more than two¬†minutes long. Would of been nice to extend it a bit…

The band is David Allen on Piano and a young Ben Baker on drums. Hope you enjoy! Hopefully there will some more audio/visual collabs soon!

PS. Check out Callum at – he’s got loads of great design stuff up.

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