In Bed We Trust – Klumpes/Ahmad on Youtube

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I’ve recently been uploading this hauntingly beautiful 2008 Hellosquare release, ‘In Bed We Trust’ to the [unappreciative] world of youtube, at the request of Adrian Lim-Klumpes- one part of the duo behind this album.

Check out Hellosquare’s bandcamp. They are an improvised/experimental label out of Canberra and have produced for some of my favourite aussie outfits including Pollen Trio [formerly Austin Benjamin Trio] and Spartak, plus other solo/collabs from Klumpes and Shoeb.


You can buy the album here if you think it’s a vibe. Lets hear it for Australian improvised music!


Note: The out of the world feature photo/album art at the top is done by none other than Adrian’s wife Bri. What a team. 

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