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If you think forging a career in music is onerous, try film.

Onerous seemingly isn’t a word in the working vocabulary of two of my best mates, David and Michael, who are both film/media student, film buffs and budding film makers in their own right.¬†It just so happened that both completed a major work this semester for uni; both end products were super impressive and I felt it only right to share them.



You might remember Dave, the guy who made this site- well his final assignment to cap off his bachelor at COFA was an open-ended brief to produce a major work of his choosing. He decided to compose a truly beautiful Terence Malick inspired art-house short entitled ‘I Will Be True To You’. It features long time friend Charlotte Levi as the frolicking beauty and has a really impressive original score [!] composed by equally long time friend and my pianist-of-chose David Allen. Director Dave was really able to capture the allure and magic of places right in his backyard in this short as well as couple his footage with MD Allen’s score in a way that makes the audio and visual truly symbiotic. Click the screenshot below to be redirected to the film.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 1.39.10 PM



PORTRAIT OF A CHEF – Michael Angelis

Michael’s brief was to create a short documentary on a subject of his choosing. He produced¬†‘Portrait of a Chef’, a snapshot into the passion of our charismatic ‘chef friend’ Tim, who I’ve mentioned once or twice before on this site. Tim generously cooked a whole pig for this half day shoot and the footage was well pieced together by Michael and his minions. I enjoyed the dichotomy between brutality and finesse that is obviously a big part of the cooking profession. Although what I enjoyed most was what Tim had to say on the motives behind his cooking and I’m sure he’d agree his sentiments ring true for any art form whether it be food, film or jazz. Click the screenshot below to watch it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 2.33.11 PM


There not much I can really say that these two short films can’t tell you. Happy viewing.



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