Train Tracks – A new way to listen to live music in Sydney

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(actual photo from the gig)


Last night I got roped into doing a pro-bono Hot Potato gig around Milson’s Point. The details were slim. I was only told it was going to be on a ferry and was going to be filmed. But what we ended up being part of was something pretty hip and worth sharing.

To cut to the chase, we unknowingly became part of this amazing event organised by some guys who go by the name of Train Tracks. In brief, these hipsters organise live music in public spaces around Sydney. I believe their first gig was on a train.They’ve come a long way let me tell you. One of the organisers said last night was their third event. He also mentioned everyone was totally stoked with the turn out, which from a rough estimate seemed around 200-250 strong, which is massive considering the itinerary.

We first met up with he crowd of hipster all dressed up in pirate gear (the theme must of been pirate) and hopped on a ferry from Circular Quay to Blues Point (around the corner from North Sydney I believe) were yours truly and the hot pots crew sort of flash mobbed the packed ferry (as much as i resent that term). We then lead the crowd to this sort of natural amphitheatre (its the patch grass right under the really tall and out of place apartment block on the water when you look across the harbour from the city…you know the one, right?) Waiting down the bottom of the hill was this really beautiful set up of a band in front of these cool light fixtures. I’m sorry to say I didn’t catch the name of the band but they were great. The female singer had a sort of bjork vibe about her-maybe it was thanks to the two harps that accompanied her (!!) …+ a guitar and bass drum. The crowd sat transfixed on the hill for the entire set. We then started playing some good ol’ New Orleans again and lead everybody back to the ferry terminal where we boarded another ferry and played a couple of tunes till we docked at Milson’s Point.  We continued to lead the gang to a spot just under the northern pillar of the harbour bridge.

Waiting for everybody was this heaps groovy drum/percussive group, I guess in the vain of Synergy. I heard that they all live and play together in some warehouse in the hope of establishing this telepathic synchronisation and intuition for what they play/how they react to each others playing. They were pretty tight so it might be a vibe. Once again I didn’t catch the band name but did catch them saying they were playing at the Basement this weekend. They were tight! We were lucky enough to blow some funky horns lines on top of their grooves which was a treat.

That is where our night ended unfortunately but there was actually one more stop so that would of been fun to check out. I’m not sure my description did the event justice but I can whole heartily saying it was a really bizarre but poetic experience. Fellow trumpeter Dane and I agreed that it’s the sort of thing you’d take a prospective lady friend to, to show you are culturally sensitive guy you know? But in all seriousness, I’ll be rounding up some mates and tagging along to the next one, or hopefully playing at it even. Also, you don’t need to know anyone, it’s sort of like a 3 hour contiki tour your home town-you’ll make friends.

Anyway I’ve ranted on longer than I should. Their FB page is below and I’ve also linked some photos from the gigs. Their FB has all media links and will be the place to go to see when the next event is up, which probably wont be for another month or two.
Hot Pots @ Train TracksFacebook page: (LIKE THEM)



More photos:  tracks-tape-deck


(This was the vibe to board the ferry. Click on the photo to see it in full glory) ———————>


All rights to Feature Photo go to Jaroslaw Gasiorek (check out her Photoshelter above)


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