Hear Me On: Billy Fox’s New Record ‘Echo’

By May 4, 2019 No Comments


Hello world. Here’s a new record you can find me tooting on. It’s an album by Northern Beaches Legend Chris Baker who produces v beautiful music under the moniker Billy Fox. The right channel also features my oft’ partner-in-crime Nish on the medium sized saxophone.

It’s a pleasure to be on this record. I really like it. Like, a lot. I’ve been spinning the masters for a couple of months now awaiting it’s official release. It’s so damn textural. It’s also not afraid to throw you some structural and form-based curveballs which I think is real refreshing. Plus it’s super soulful.

Chris has been working hard doing producing for other artists of note, prepping for this release as well as creating a new collective of producers called Common Good. Big congrats Chris. You should be stoked.

Here’s the album on Spotify. Below there is also a live video we did of the title track a couple of months ago x


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