Hot Potato Band’s ‘Little Bird’

By February 4, 2018 No Comments

As many of you know a huge part of my musical life thus far has been as a member of Sydney party-brass outfit, Hot Potato Band. It was in fact the first band I joined, fresh out of high school. Unknowingly it has grown from a small-time community roving band playing free gigs to a touring and festival-circuit running enterprise (as I write this the boys are currently touring NZ) and for my money one of the busiest bands in Australia.

Oh man it’s been such a beautiful journey and all the boys have become nothing short of brothers. Late last year though I decided to part from the project, fore-mostly to create more time to spend working on my own musical goals and to see through this technical journey some of you know I have been on the past couple of years. It’s by no means the end of our musical and personal relationships though. I’ll still be tooting with them here and there as they need me.

In my mind it’s a matter of time before the band goes berserk on the international stage. Part of me wants to be part of that so bad but the wiser part knows I have to water the right plant to collect the fruit I truly want to eat.

But here I present to you the fruits our of our last collaborative efforts, the single: Little Bird. It’s quite literally the conjoining of two opposing sound worlds: the first a hard-hitting, brass-in-your-face, while the second half presents a more refined angle with it’s rhythmic obscurity; layered, slow-burning build and textural/timbral focus.

That second section was a nice chance to present some of my more personal timbral offerings. Although a world apart from the archetypical high and bright brass brand trumpet, the boys have always been supportive in the moments I’ve gone for something a bit more personal and when I chucked this out while jamming an early iteration of this tune they were all for having it on the record.

Thought I’d add I thought engineer Dylan Nash of Dash productions captured my sound nicely. Cheers dood.

Also, this tune recently got played on Alex Dyson’s mid-day JJJ show. Shit yes.