My Most Prized Playlist: “Electro Truth”

By March 15, 2020 No Comments

In celebration of my newest project coming to life (aka rehearsing) and soon to have it’s first public flight I wanted to share with you a self-made playlist that has informed the large non-jazz aspect to this new music.

Entitled “Electro Truth”, this is my most prized playlist. It has been lovingly curated over the course of six or seven years- initially curated on itunes and more recently on Spotify. It’s only 21 songs long but each tune has gone through a rigorous vetting process before being inducted on this list and becoming a verified slice of electro-magic (at least in my eyes).

Not only is much of the electronic aspects from this new project inspired by this concise list but so was early inspiraton and impetus for me to unpack Ableton and create ambient-experimental electronic music including my E.P ‘In Bloom, In Blend’. You can read more about my particular influences of that E.P and music-making here on my release post.

To put it in short, these songs stand out to me because of the way they utilise the limitless timbral possibilities of the digital realm to effectively build texture and mood- two aspects of music I have come to deem very important and have focused on in my writing for this new project. Whether it is intriguing sound design or creative use of found sounds (which has been a particularly focus on my own electronic practice) these tunes really paint a picture.

Have a listen for a little insight into my music mind.


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