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So 2016 has come and gone and as it curved towards the finish line it just so happened to drop two albums that feature yours truly…

The first cut is Hot Potato Band‘s first album-length cut ‘Paint The Town’. Although they don’t get a lot of text on this site I spend the majority of my musical moments on the road with these beautiful boys. It’s in fact my longest running band affiliation- I’ve been a member since 2010, and boy it’s been quite the journey to this point. I joined as the band was evolving from a local faux-second line roaming brass band to a mostly pop-covers brass band. About 18 months ago the call was made to take it from the street to the stage and thus it has evolved again into an original-music hyper-active on stage brass outfit, with the sweet vocals of Dylan Wright now fronting the show. This band knows no ceiling. It just keeps rising to new heights. Shows all around the country at the moment. Just returned from a week a shows at the whimsical Woodford festival that included a NYE countdown slot to some 30 000 punters at Woodford (!). And yes, all original tunes now! None by me but some great bangers from some great friends. A little sappy solo from yours truly though. Also a bit chuffed so I must mention: I was one part of the two man committee that worked with local artist Danny Sixx to create what I think is a pretty neat album art. If nothing else the CD is worth buying to check out whats going on in the inside panels. Physical can be bought here- or digitally on itunes.   http://hotpotatoband.bigcartel.com/product/paint-the-town-2016-pre-order

Now, refute me of all I’ve ever said but at the very least allow me the title of ‘eclectic’. Because the second release is a good length removed from the first. It’s an eponymous debut release from improvising and compositional collective Microfiche. I will forgo the superlative description of this band as it’s all been etched into the internet in my previous post ‘Composition: From C to Sea’  but I think it’s special. Think texturalism and minimalism meet low key free jazz. Some real beautiful sounds. Challenging ones too.

The album features a cropped (and safely legal) version of my tune ‘C to Sea’, as well as a second tune of mine called ‘Mind Over Melody’ which I might just call a free-jazz banger. The physicals were really nicely printed at Replicat in Melbourne and look great on a pinboard (that’s where mine lives) or wall. Also beautifully recorded at Richie B’s Free Energy Device Studio and mastered by Phil Rex is Melbourne so sound top notch through all sorts of amplifier- if you choose to use the CD in such a way.

You can purchase a physical or digital copy at  https://microfiche1.bandcamp.com/releases

Coming out next month is Sydney outfit Funk Engine’s second album ‘Taking A Ride’ where I feature on a couple of tracks. Me doing my thing over the fonk. Keep your eyes peeled.


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